Material: Stainless steel. Dimensions: Width: cm. 400 x lengh cm. 300 x heigth cm.600. Thailand 2005

We wanted with this work to underline the difficult run of elevation from a material condition to a level of more spiritual life. In the Buddhist religion, the official religion in Thailand, one of the fundamental precepts is the abandonment of the attachment to the material things to reach the “Illumination” of Nirvana, the individual fading in the “Everything”.

The sculpture wants to be a symbol, an image of this run.

The stainless steel armature with its spirals remembering the passages in endless life and cycles of reincarnation, its roots firmly anchored to the earth, synthesize the constraint and the imprisonment of the attachment to the material things. The opening of the armature upward and its final dissolution imply, instead, a liberation from this imprisonment with the attainment of a definitive peace, the final confluence in what is surrounding us.