Artist & AIESM President

Bettino Francini

Painter, Sculptor, Musician, and Scenographer, Bettino Mauro Francini is a multmedia artist with a critical gaze to the “contemporaneity” in its deep mutations and evolutions using new and innovative expressive solutions. Francini – backed up by his creative experiences – develops and harmonizes different artistic forms, in order to establish a sort of total communication and global art. The works that Francini creates are monumental elements that are able to dominate wide spaces, which penetrate in the human tissue with poetic suggestion.

From a formal point of view, his creations embody a perfect symbiosis of abstract and figurative elements. This symbiosis – through a combined language – communicates a synthesis of human thought and his coexisetence.

AIESM President since 2004
AIESM, International Association for Monumental Sculptures Events, is a non-profit organization founded by artists of different background and nationality.