In this work entitled “CON/TEMPORANEO” I would like to emphasize the importance of the TEN elements that make up this structural complex, handing attention to the symbolic value of the number 10: it brings us back to the beginning (1), leading us till to the end (0), when all things emerged from the “Chaos”, giving strength and reason to the created and the uncreated for an infinite universe‚Ķ

So, I developed my work as characterized by a precarious, ruinous, and unstable feeling, but, simultaneously, supporting itself, preserving the memory of what once was.

The columns that connect to each other through the structural links between them, create a visual and temporal short circuit.

This sculptural complex that looks like a temporary system, recalls the idea of a temporal vision in which our present is already past, and our contemporary world has already been incorporated into the story.

The work presents a delayed viewing of our time, an archeology of the future, celebrating as a whole, a timeless time able to resist our era marked by its passage, and the condition of our “becoming.”

Such a symbology suggests the hypothesis that the decede, represents the relative perfection to the space-time circle, that is immanence.