The first millennium is represented, on the low part, with bands of oxidized steel (corten, recalling the vision of a more primitive, basic, manual and handicraft evolutionary stadium. The second part, that intermediary, represents the second just concluded millennium and the whole of the stainless steel cubes postpones to the idea of the digital pixels, metaphor of our actual stadium of development dominated by the digital technologies and a contamination among real and virtual. The third segment in polished stainless steel, in the tall terminal part of the work, represents the third millennium, and it wants to be an auspice of union and fusion of all the evolutionary aspects of the man, both material and spiritual, to build a world that can cohabit in a harmony of pacific and constructive intents.

Dimensions neters: 5,00×2,00 heght 6,00 Material: stainless steel. 2005