The sculpture, which represents a huge ear surrounded by a cylindrical structure open on one of its segments, wants to stress the necessity to recreate a respectful atmosphere of the act of listening, and at the same time, it wants to represent the opening to the listening of the external world.

Material: faces, cement, iron Dimensions: cm.300x300xheight: cm. 300. Quebec Canada 1997

The listening being is a singing, vibrating, living being. He lives in order to succeed in being in unison with a cosmos that ceaselessly sings its presence. According to ancient philosophies, the

“OM” is the sacred syllable that created the world, the primeval sound, of which the most ancient traditions are aware. According to them, this sound hitched an the labyrinth of cartilage of the ear, defining its function, as if the ear was eternally listening to the noise of this unfathomable sea, guardian of the secret of the origin.